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Probate Issues Are NEVER Easy!

The person chosen as the Executor or Personal Representative has to deal with the deceased person’s probate issues but often, they are also someone who is grieving the loss of that loved one or friend. There are many decisions about a how to deal with personal and real property for the estate, which may include a home sale.

These decisions are often very closely scrutinized and (all too frequently) second-guessed by family or friends. Couple this with the legitimate concern that everything must be handled “legally and properly” – this can be a very stressful time and having a realtor® with the experience in the probate process is especially helpful. 

I can definitely help make this process less stressful for you!

I would never tell you that that being an executor or personal representative for real estate assets would be stress-free, there will be important decisions that will need to be made along the way. I have been there myself and I remember the emotional pressure the situation entails. As an experienced real estate professional, I will make sure that you are always well informed throughout each step of the real estate process. I will help facilitate the sometimes-difficult conversations around the real estate transaction if you need support with family members or other heirs to help keep  them informed on that part of the process. 

If you haven’t yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, I can help provide a list of several I know and I am comfortable recommending.

When you are faced with “Where do I begin?”…

I can help. We will discuss what the priorities are with regard to the real estate. 

If you need resources to help with things like setting up an estate sale or helping to clear out unwanted items, I have several companies I can recommend for you.  I have a variety of contractors, landscapers and other resources that will help to make many of the tasks of repairs, moving, cleaning  or preparing a home for market a much easier process easier for you. 

Do you need to dispose of the property as quickly as possible?

If so, we can look at qualified investors or what it takes to get the home on the market quickly. This is also a good option for families who might not live nearby or perhaps do not have the time or resources to get a property traditionally ready for the market. 

Do you need to maximize the selling price to provide the greatest cash benefit to the heirs or stakeholders?

When maximum revenue is the focus, I will make certain the property is not only listed properly, but also actively marketed to provide maximum exposure. I will take the time to explain the current market analysis and factors that go into the pricing of the home. I take into consideration the current condition of the home, recent updates and any deferred maintenance that might affect the current market value.

Once we’ve set the price, this is where my experience, preparation, and savvy marketing skills come into play. I will guide you through the steps necessary to help you to stage and prepare your home for market. Qualified buyers will be impressed by the simple measures we take to show your home in the best condition possible. Clean, tidy, clutter-free space and lighting go a long way to impress buyers. Even if the home does not have all of the bells and whistles today’s buyer may want, making the place easy to tour and see the potential will entice the right buyer to make an offer on your home.

The home’s location or design is unique, and I will highlight those special qualities that will intrigue buyers to come take a look. I actively market the home and know how to showcase the property. My marketing delivers maximum exposure – through correct pricing, property preparation, high quality HD photography, property specific marketing material, easy agent accessibility, and the extra steps I take to ensure excellent visibility – both on and offline. My goal is the successful sale of the asset and will do my best to achieve that and find you the right qualified buyer for the best price and terms possible.